Water deeply with a hose about 2 times weekly for the first 2 to 3 months. Hurry, Sale Ends Monday, December 7th at Midnight! Copyright © 2005-2020 FastGrowingTrees.com | 2621 Old Nation Rd Fort Mill, SC 29715 | NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC. Plants grow rapidly to 30′ and completely bury any structure they are allowed to annex. This Weekend Get Big Discounts up to 57% Off! Fertilizing: Your Wisteria will require little fertilizing. Ordering and picking the perfect spot for your Amethyst Falls! Amethyst falls, ' like other wisteria, is a strong grower, reaching 30 feet or more. Your input is very much appreciated. https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/products/amethyst-falls-wisteria, //cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0059/8835/2052/products/Amethyst-Falls-Wisteria-350w.jpg?v=1599029554, //cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0059/8835/2052/products/Amethyst-Falls-Wisteria-350w_large.jpg?v=1599029554, //cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0059/8835/2052/products/Amethyst-Falls-Wisteria-450w.jpg?v=1599029556, //cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0059/8835/2052/products/Amethyst-Falls-Wisteria-2-450w.jpg?v=1599029558, //cdn.shopify.com/shopifycloud/shopify/assets/no-image-2048-5e88c1b20e087fb7bbe9a3771824e743c244f437e4f8ba93bbf7b11b53f7824c.gif, https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/products/amethyst-falls-wisteria?variant=32302993506366, https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/products/amethyst-falls-wisteria?variant=13940816379956, https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/products/amethyst-falls-wisteria?variant=13940816412724, https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/products/amethyst-falls-wisteria?variant=13940816511028, https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/products/amethyst-falls-wisteria?variant=13940816642100, https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/products/amethyst-falls-wisteria?variant=13940816347188, https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/products/amethyst-falls-wisteria?variant=13940816445492, https://www.fast-growing-trees.com/products/amethyst-falls-wisteria?variant=13940816478260. Some types of this vining plant can quickly take over your garden, but these native species won't smother your other plants. Super excited, and happy I chose FastGrowingTrees.com. The Amethyst Falls Wisteria is easy to grow and adapts well to a wide range of soils. Not Your USDA Zone? Already have a few small flowers. It's carefree! Sku #7681. The native American wisteria cultivar 'Amethyst Falls' has deep blue/purple flowers and blooms in the spring and summer. Alba American wisteria (Wisteria frutescens 'Alba'): White flowers. It will grow in any well-drained soil, but benefits from a richer soil and fertilizer while young. Your zip code 85260 is located in Zone: 9b with a temperature range of: 25 to 30 °F. Call 866-982-0431 for Availability and Pricing. The Wisteria Frutescens Amethyst Falls plant puts on a gorgeous display of fragrant, purple flowers that bloom in the late spring and summer growing seasons. Genus: Wisteria Species: frutescens Variety: 'Amethyst Falls' Item Form: 2-Quart Zone: 5 - 9 Bloom Start To End: Late Spring - Early Summer Habit: Vining Plant Height: 30 ft Plant Width: 4 ft Bloom Size: 4 in - 6 in Additional Characteristics: Award Winner, Bloom First Year, Butterfly Lovers, Easy Care Plants, Flower, Fragrance, Free Bloomer, Native, Pruning Recommended, Repeat Bloomer, Trellises the plant looks healthy. Your Amethyst Falls Wisteria vine from Fast Growing Trees Nursery will arrive with a good, solid root system so it will quickly adapt to its new home...no guesswork in growing. 2. Two gorgeous Wisteria vines already established, healthy and a few feet high on a trellis. Needs support for growing. Once established, it's drought tolerant. As noted on the website, some items are seasonal, and may only ship in spring or fall. Planting: Select a location with well-drained soil and full sun (about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily). 40" Artificial River Fern Hanging Plant Boston Bush Tree Arrangement, with No Pot, (Pack of 2) 4.0 out of 5 stars 25. It flourishes quickly at the onset of spring, elegantly wrapping around fences and trellises. Each winter, trim the shoots to about a foot long (30 cm.). This plant is suitable for your USDA Zone 9b, Dark lavender blooms in grape like clusters in summer, Aromatic, Easy Care, Reblooming, Returns Year After Year, Water-wise, Accent, Climber, Container, Woodland Garden, ‘Orange Rocket’ Barberry adds a blast of garden color. Started on an old kitchen table in 1993, Hayloft is an independently owned company run by a team of ladies specialising in Rare & Unusual garden plants.. A Little About Us: Our passion for peonies began in the early 1980s with the purchase of two plants and no land to grow them on. We've determined you're in Growing Zone #, Cyber Week Savings up to 57% Off! The Plants Database includes the following 4 species of Wisteria . Enjoy this vine's stunning purple flowers without it taking over your yard. I thought I had ordered two, but only got this one. Perfect for smaller spaces, this gorgeous twining vine grows at about a third of the rate of Asian wisteria. As the plant grows, remove all unwanted growth along the trunk, allowing only the top to grow. If you're one of those growers who are eager to see results as soon as temperatures warm, you'll love how swiftly this vine swings into action. long (20 cm), packed with 35-47, pea-like, blue-violet flowers. As an English Heritage member enjoy an exclusive offer of 10% off selected plants on this page. Propagation can be accomplished by softwood cuttings that are taken in the spring. The Amethyst Falls Wisteria should be planted in a sunny location for maximum flower production. Summer pruning keeps the long, whip-like shoots under control. And since it's a sterile plant, it won't take over your yard like many other varieties. This large climbing plant can be grown on a … Feed your wisteria about 3/4 cup per square yard each year during the spring. These will make an impact in my garden this year. Best planted in autumn or spring Loves full sun so ideal on south- and west-facing walls Prune twice a year in July/August and January/February Water well in dry periods, especially on sandy soils American wisteria (Wisteria frutescens) and evergreen wisteria (Millettia reticulata) are two lovely, non-invasive options for your home landscape. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition. For years, wisteria was a lavish and glorious perennial vine that bloomed throughout the summer—but only in warm climates. Wisteria is one of the best loved climbing plants. Get exclusive offers, care tips and more! ‘Amethyst Falls’ Wisteria. Some types of this vining plant can quickly take over your garden, but these native species won't smother your other plants. This native variety is less vigorous and easier to manage Their lush growth and cascading flowers are easy for homeowners to fall in love with. It's extremely versatile and provides a spectacular blossoming of flowers. After establishment, rainfall will suffice for your Wisteria. Wisteria is a vine that produces cascades of purple to bluish flowers during the late spring and summertime. Native Introduced Native and Introduced. Amethyst Falls Wisteria is a multi-stemmed deciduous woody vine with a twining and trailing habit of growth. $99.99. "Amethyst Falls" wisteria wisteria is nevertheless an early bloomer, producing flowers as soon as one year after planting. However, wisteria is known for growing rapidly and taking over the local planting area. Highly scented, Wisteria brachybotrys 'Murasaki-Kapitan' is an excellent vigorous climber blooming early in the season. Plant in a good quality potting compost in a pot slightly larger than the rootball. A fast-growing, twining, evergreen vine with shiny, dark green, oval leaves. There are no known issues regarding insects or pests, and it's deer resistant as well. The only work for you? A fast-growing vine that produces full purple flowers up to 12 inches long, the Amethyst Falls delivers a graceful show of shimmering beauty that is otherwise typically reserved for the sunny south. There is nothing more exotic than long dangling purple blooms gracing an arbor or trellis. The Amethyst Falls Wisteria can grow in full sun to part shade, but more sun will provide the most blooms. ‘Amethyst Falls’ wisteria is an introduction from Head Ornamentals, Inc. A host plant for the Marine Blue butterfly, Silver-spotted shipper, and Long-tailed shipper. It produces pretty hanging sprays, up to 8 in. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Click here to change. However, this vine is a fast and aggressive grower—often reaching 30+ feet long—and is known to grow quite heavy. Item arrived promptly (especially impressive given Covid delays). Blooms at an early age, with its lightly fragrant purple racemes weeping gracefully downward. Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls' A fast-growing, twining, evergreen vine with shiny, dark green, oval leaves. Potted Wisteria Care. This plant blooms on new wood. Can't wait to see the blooms. Growing Zone Finder. Some pruning will give more flowers and keep it neat, but it will stay a reasonable size and not engulf your garden. This variety ''Amethyst Falls'' not only flowers in the spring, but should repeat flower in the summer. The Amethyst Falls Wisteria is easy to grow and adapts well to a wide range of soils. If you are unsure of your growing zone, visit our 3. If you have poor or sandy soil then consider using a small amount of fertilizer like formula 5-10-10 or 5-10-5. A far less invasive alternative to the Asian wisterias that is easier to control: American wisteria, Wisteria flutescens is a woody, deciduous climber native to low-lying areas of the southeastern United States. Unlike its Asian wisteria cousins, this is a less aggressively growing version and a non-invasive plant species. Another plus to the wisteria vine is the minimal care needed to maintain a beautiful plant, but many homeowners do wonder if there is anything they need to do when considering how to prepare wisteria for winter. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Wisteria vines are among the most popular flowering vines grown in the home landscape today. Once established, it's drought tolerant. Now, you reap the rewards of our hard work at the nursery...with healthy, intact roots and better growth delivered right to your door. Estimated Shipping Time: Most orders ship immediately. That’s not to say it’s a small climber – it’s still capable of clothing walls, fences … Watering: During your first year of growth, an inch of rainfall per week is recommended. Even better? American wisteria, Wisteria frutescens, is a deciduous climbing vine native to the stream banks and forests of the southeastern American states, including Virginia, Iowa and New York. Amethyst Falls Wisteria Vine - 3 Gallon Pot Have you always loved the incredible show of a Wisteria vine in full bloom, but didn't want to spend the rest of your life trying to control its growth? It is, however, not invasive like its Asian cousins. The price you see includes this saving. The Amethyst Falls Wisteria is deer resistant, drought tolerant, and easy to grow. I'll be shopping here again when I need a tree or bush. This rampant growth is easily controlled (and flowering is encouraged) by regular pruning. Amethyst Falls will bloom heavily in spring and repeat thru summer. In other words, hours spent in your garden are a thing of the past. — Ends Monday, December 7th Shop Now. The twining stems will need something to cling onto like a trellis until the base stem/vine is achieved. 4. Wisteria is a long-lived vining plant with cascades of blue to purple flowers that look spectacular hanging from a pergola or archway in spring and early summer. Some plants are not available for immediate shipment, and delayed delivery is noted. Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls'. Dig a hole that is three times as wide as the root ball and just as deep (if planting more than one, space the plants 10-15 feet apart). Wisteria frutescens is less vigorous than its counterparts, Chinese and Japanese wisteria, with shorter racemes of unscented flowers. In time, the container grown wisteria resembles a small tree. The Lavender Falls Wisteria is the only reliable re-blooming wisteria with full-sized, foot-long clusters of blooms. Once your order is shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. You may have to stake your Wisteria - in that case, surround your plant with stakes that are about 6 to 10 inches deep in the soil. We will resume normal shipping in the Spring. Blooming in late spring or early summer, they produce a dramatic floral display. Call to Order! (855) 935-4692 Shop the purple wisteria plant for sale. Genus Wisteria are vigorous woody climbers with twining stems bearing pinnate leaves and long pendulous racemes of fragrant pea-like flowers in spring and early summer Details 'Amethyst Falls' is a deciduous climber to 5m tall and 3m wide with leaves comprising up to 15 leaflets. Introducing Amethyst Falls, a North American native Wisteria with a less aggressive habit than its Asian cousins, which can run wild! Whether you plant in a container, use as a vine for your arbors and pergolas, or train as a tree, your Amethyst Falls will grow above and beyond. The wisteria in a pot will now branch out in a rounded shape. Fruit are similar in appearance to pea pods. If growing your plant in a container choose a suitable compact variety such as Wisteria frutescens ‘Amethyst Falls’. New leaves are so shiny they look like gems as the sun picks up their elegant gleam. But hurry - order your Amethyst Falls today before it's gone! I planted it in my garden and wait for a growth and blooms in the future. Great experience all around. Vines offer opportunities to take maximum advantage of vertical gardening space. It blooms profusely in spring, on the bare branches, and then two or three times more, over the summer, among the leaves. Cultivars and their differences. . Why Choose Plants from Southern Living® Plant Collection? Wisteria is a genus of deciduous vines whose lovely, fragrant flowers and almost overwhelming vigor make them useful in a wide variety of settings. Container grown plants. To achieve a similar effect, you can train wisteria as a single-trunk, free-standing tree by staking the thick woody stem of the plant to a sturdy post or 4-by-4 embedded securely in the ground. Amethyst Falls American wisteria (Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls'): Lilac flowers. Winter pruning is to prepare the flowering spurs for the upcoming season. Vivid, fragrant, blue-lavender flowers attract beneficials while resisting deer. That's because we've planted, grown and nurtured your Amethyst Falls with care. Likewise, you can grow and train your potted wisteria as a bonsai plant. Wisteria is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae (Leguminosae), that includes ten species of woody climbing bines (twining vines) that are native to China, Korea, Japan, and the Eastern United States.Some species are popular ornamental plants. Please see the table below for your approximate ship date. Enjoy exotic looking and fragrant blooms in the first year of planting the Amethyst Falls American wisteria vine. Northern gardeners transplanted the vines but were frustrated by plants that produced few blooms and barely survived Minnesota winters. Since then we have expanded our collection to include several hundred varieties now covering eight acres among the gently rolling hills … Maybe it will grow as fast as two would have! Your Wisteria blossoms each spring with cascading flowers and will lightly repeat throughout summer. It really is fast growing!! You can still order, but due to cold weather, we have delayed shipping to the areas shaded on the map below. In other words, hours spent in your garden are a thing of the past. Gently hold the plant while making sure it’s vertical in the hole and backfill the hole with your other hand, working the soil around the roots to avoid air pockets. Pruning: Wisteria needs to be pruned twice a year, typically once in late winter and again in mid-summer. Needs support for growing. Flowers produced at a younger age (2 to 3 years old). Growing Zones 3 & 4. If you're one of those growers who are eager to see results as soon as temperatures warm, you'll love how swiftly this vine swings into action. While Wisteria prefer moist, well-drained, fertile soil, they are quite adaptable and even drought tolerant once established. While the blooms steal the show, the green foliage is impressive in its own right. These vines make a spectacular addition to your pergola or patio, providing a visual element that enhances your yard’s living areas. When the plant came it looked very healthy, there was a lot of growth on it and it was very green. There are no known issues regarding insects or pests, and it's deer resistant as well. This includes anyone in A slow trickling from the hose works best so the soil can absorb water. 1. Seeds are poisonous to eat (as are other parts of the plant). Typically, this means watering once or twice weekly in the morning or evening on hot, summer days to allow the plant to soak up the water before it evaporates. 9AM-6PM ET M-F. 9:30AM-6PM ET Sat & Sun. Wisteria Amethyst Falls is a vigorous growing vine boasting numerous 8" long fragrant purple blooms on one year old plants. Live Plant Amethyst Falls Wisteria Vine Flowers 3" Pot Garden Outdoor Yard $68.69. We want your new plant to thrive right out of the box, so we will wait on shipping your order until the weather is ideal. You won't have to do a thing to keep your Amethyst Falls Wisteria looking gorgeous. Amethyst Falls Wisteria is a non-invasive American type (Wisteria frutescens). ... • Plant in full sun to part shade • Dig hole 3X the width of pot • Backfill and plant 1″-2″ above soil level • Water and add more soil if needed
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